I live on the front lines of research and technology, pushing limits and blazing trails. Here are the top 10 things I have done, not in any particular order:

  • championing HPC cloud, appliance and cluster for research computing
  • advocating centralized research computing model for universities, helping >15 schools adopt
  • architected >40 supercomputers for astrophysics, drug discovery, genomics, weather modeling …
  • developed reference architectures ranging from petascale active archive to translational research
  • collaborated on >10 NSF, NIH, DoE research/equipment grants and winning almost all of them
  • initiated 6 IBM faculty awards, 6 SUR grants, 2 Ph.D fellowship awards and winning all of them
  • worked on UIMA technologies for natural language processing before it evolves into IBM Watson
  • founded website prototyping social network in 1999 (bridging me from academia into IT industry)
  • published first-author research paper that has been cited over hundred of times
  • developed a bioinformatics analytical pipeline for zebrafish genome project


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